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Inspired from the well-known Midtown areas in the world, PHU MY HUNG MIDTOWN inherits the quintessence of modernity perfectly combined with Vietnamese culture, creating a harmonious masterpiece – a polychromatic symphony. This is also the biggest investment project in last 3 years and for the first time Phu My Hung joint venture with three leading real estate developing partners in Japan:

As the signature of Phu My Hung Midtown complex, from the very beginning stage, SAKURA PARK has been determined to create the unique place as well as to be the soul of the landscape surrounding.

SAKURA PARK is built on an area of ​​11,722m2, in which the construction area is 6,414m2 (54.7%), planted area is 5.308m2 (45.3%) & is divided into 3 zones: (a) Plaza Zone; (b) Kid Zone; (c) Sports Zone.


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